Welcome to the Dorset LNP website.  Residents of, and visitors to, Dorset cannot fail to be impressed by the stunning environment we live in, parts of which are recognised nationally and internationally for their special interest and quality. As well as these ‘special’ places, Dorset’s environment is made up of ‘ordinary’ countryside and green space, many less visible natural systems which provide crucial goods and services to support our way of life, and other natural assets which may not be immediately apparent.

In recent years the environment in Dorset has fared reasonably well, especially when compared with other parts of Britain, but there is still a marked, ongoing decline. Our environment from grasslands and heaths to marine, as well as our heritage assets, are extremely fragile and easily degraded. In such a ‘green’ county, environment appears to be taken for granted so the LNP aims to highlight the huge economic value in terms of ecosystem services that it provides.

Purpose of Dorset’s LNP

The Dorset LNP brings together a wide range of partners in public, private and voluntary sectors across the Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole and Dorset council areas.  It exists to maximise the benefits to be gained from protecting and enhancing the unique natural assets of the area for people, wildlife and businesses.

The Dorset Local Nature Partnership will:

  • Provide leadership for those working to protect and enhance the environment in Dorset
  • Advocate the good management of Dorset’s natural environment for its own sake and the many benefits it offers
  • Articulate the importance of Dorset’s natural environment to economic and social wellbeing in a manner appropriate to diverse audiences
  • Ensure that the natural environment is taken into account in policy and decision-making


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