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Stour Valley Park

The Vision for the Stour Valley Park is for an innovative, sustainable and high quality regional park that is easily accessible, with a rich and thriving biodiversity, offering recreational, landscape, heritage, cultural and resource management benefits in which local communities, landowners and businesses can take pride and ownership.

Dorset’s Ecological Networks

Dorset LNP and its partners have published a suite of maps setting out Dorset’s Ecological Networks, Potential Ecological Networks and a Guidance Document for using the maps.

Health and Nature Dorset (HAND)

HAND aims to strengthen joint working on nature-based wellbeing across Dorset (BCP and Dorset council areas) to increase the access to, use of and connection with the natural environment to support and enhance physical and mental wellbeing across Dorset.

Natural Choices in Dorset

Natural Choices in Dorset aims to encourage and enable people to improve their physical health and mental well-being through different activities within the natural environment.

Dorset Health and Nature Charter

Dorset Local Nature Partnership has worked with colleagues across the South West to develop a Health and Nature Charter with the aim of gaining endorsement from Local Nature Partnerships, Health and Wellbeing Boards and individual stakeholder organisations.

Growing for Pollinators

In March 2017 Dorset LNP was awarded £4,000 from Defra’s Local Pollinators Project funding for a project between Dorset Wildlife Trust, National Trust and Bournemouth University. 

Delivering the health and wellbeing benefits of the natural environment conference

Dorset LNP has been working with its colleagues in the South West and with the South Region Sustainability and Health Network to host a conference on the benefits of the natural environment to health and wellbeing.