Natural Value Report

Demonstrating value and change

The Natural Value report presents locally specific information to demonstrate both the environmental value of the area and the value of the area’s environment.  In time it will show changes and allow a more strategic approach to development planning to be taken. It also starts to identify the financial value of some aspects of our environment. It is early days for this work, and we must be careful not to try to put a ‘price’ on nature – but we can help ensure that it is valued in practical terms, and not treated as a free and unlimited resource.

Data in the report

Dorset LNP and its partner organisations have tried hard to ensure that the information in this report is as up to date and relevant as possible. Nevertheless in some areas we have found information gaps, to be addressed in future editions. Suggestions and updates are very welcome and can be emailed to Dorset LNP is grateful to all the many organisations and individuals who provided information towards this report and assisted in its production.

The report can be viewed online below or a low resolution copy downloaded here.

Instructions to view online: To view the Natural Value report so that it fills your screen just click on the image below and click on the arrows to the left/right of the pages. To enlarge even further, click on the article you want to enlarge, and click again to return to “full screen” view. To return to this page just click Esc on your keyboard (usually top left) at any time.