Dorset LNP Vision and Strategy

Vision and Strategy

The Dorset LNP adopted its revised Vision and Strategy in June 2023.

The Vision and Strategy sets out six strategic pillars for the LNP:

NATURAL CAPITAL – increasing investment: Dorset has some exceptional natural assets which already underpin the economic and social wellbeing of the county, yet it is still declining in quality and quantity and needs greater investment. We will facilitate funding and lobby for more.

NATURAL ECONOMY – adding value: A healthy environment is a pre-requisite for a healthy economy globally and locally, it offers opportunities for sustainable economic resilience which does not erode our natural capital. We will support the development of nature-based economic schemes and maximise green finance opportunities.

NATURALLY HEALTHY – developing Dorset’s ‘natural health service’: Working with the healthcare system, providers, and land managers, we will aid collaboration to improve access to and connection with nature, build green infrastructure and support better information on how to use the natural world to live better and reduce inequalities.

NATURAL RESILIENCE – improving environmental and community resilience: In the light of a challenging future, and the impact on health, we will work collaboratively to improve both resilience against and adaption to climate change to enable a sustainable future. We will support local schemes to improve diets and reduce food waste, sensitive farming practices and facilitate greater engagement with the soil that sustains us all.

NATURAL UNDERSTANDING – improving engagement in Dorset’s environment: Dorset residents and visitors already value their environment. We will support and develop greater understanding of the impacts we have on the terrestrial and marine environment to ensure good stewardship now and in the future.

NATURALLY INFLUENCE – embedding natural value in policy and decision-making: A founding principle of all LNPs is that we will promote the value of the natural environment in decisions and inform local and national policy making.