Climate Change Adaptation in Dorset: Call for evidence

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Following the publication of the UK Climate Projections 2018 (UKCP18), published in November 2018 by the Met Office, Dorset LNP and Dorset LEP are working together to investigate if there is an appetite for developing a framework for climate change adaptation across Dorset and if so, develop a strategic direction. 

Dorset LNP and Dorset LEP aim to host a workshop in the early summer 2019, to bring together stakeholders from range of sectors to discuss climate change risks for Dorset, understand the UKCP18 projections and investigate the interest for collaborative working.

In 2017 Dorset LNP published Position Papers on Climate Change Mitigation and Climate Change Adaptation.  While Dorset LNP recognises these issues are fundamentally linked and the two papers should be read in conjunction with each other, they were separated because they contained different solutions and recommendations. 

Through its vision for 2038, Dorset LEP aims to realise the ambition for Dorset to become a leading low-carbon energy economy, driving efforts to deliver affordable energy productivity and clean growth while protecting its natural environment.

More collaborative working has been undertaken on Climate Change Mitigation within Dorset than has been undertaken on Adaptation, for example through the Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Strategies and the joint Local Transport Plans.  We have seen changes, which are likely to have been caused by climate change for example extreme weather, such as the Beast from the East in 2017, impacting on travel to work and distribution of goods and the heatwave in 2018, which caused agricultural issues in Europe resulting in higher prices for some salad crops in the UK.   This work is therefore focusing on climate change adaptation within Dorset (including Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole). 

The Dorset LNP Climate Change Adaptation Position Paper sets out the following vision: Dorset LNP wants ‘Dorset to adapt to inevitable climate change by making timely, far sighted and well-informed decisions to address the risks and opportunities posed by a changing climate and ensure the natural environment, local economy, infrastructure and communities are resilient to such change’.

The position paper makes the following recommendations:

  • Develop a strategic and co-ordinated approach to climate change adaptation across Dorset:
  • Interpret the forthcoming UKCP18 scenarios and develop agreed climate change projections for Dorset as a basis of future risk assessments.
  • Identify the key climate change risks for Dorset’s natural environment, businesses, infrastructure and communities based on the UKCP18 scenarios, the 2017 National Climate Change Risk Assessment and forthcoming Climate Change Adaptation Programme 2018.
  • Identify the climate change adaption actions to respond to the identified risks and as part of this review existing adaptation actions already committed.

Call for evidence

In order to prepare for the workshop, we wish to gain a greater understanding of adaptation work or research within Dorset which has been undertaken, is ongoing or is planned for the near future. For example, we are already aware of the 2009 Dorset County Council and the District/Borough Councils ‘Comprehensive Climate Change Risk Assessment for Dorset’; the Wild Purbeck Nature Improvement Area Climate Change Adaptation Plan; and a number of flood defence schemes are in place or in development.

We would like to hear about other research, plans, policies, strategies, practical adaptation measures, or any impacts you have already experienced within Dorset under the headings of (based on the chapter set out in the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017):

  • Natural environment and natural assets
  • Infrastructure
  • People and the built environment
  • Business and industry

We now invite the submission of evidence across Dorset to be submitted by 6pm Friday 7 June 2019

Please complete the proforma (preferably one for each piece of evidence) and return to:

Or post to: Dorset LNP, Brooklands Farm, Forston, Dorchester, DT2 7AA


If you have any queries, please contact:

Dorset Local Nature Partnership: Dorset Local Nature Partnership (LNP) works to maximise the benefits of Dorset’s natural environment for the benefit of people, wildlife and the economy.

Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership: Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is a partnership between Dorset’s businesses and local authorities, determining local economic priorities for the region. Its fundamental objective is to facilitate improved productivity of businesses in Dorset by encouraging a strongly performing and sustainable economy, through boosting higher paid, better skilled jobs and supporting the delivery of the enabling infrastructure and housing.