Pastoral views of Dorset

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On Homeworking

Ian Alexander – Natural England I’m not imagining the day when I’ll pay a virtual visit to my barber but for many businesses Covid-19 has forced them to rethink how their staff work and, for some, the answer has been ‘from home’. Change is predominantly driven when better technology drives out the old.  The Stone …

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Planning for nature’s recovery

Tom Munro – Dorset AONB Manager It’s a couple of months since the annual Dorset Local Nature Partnership Forum in early March, and it’s been a time in which so much of our human world has changed unrecognisably.  The simple act of gathering in number to shape and support nature’s recovery in Dorset now feels …

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2020 vision: a look ahead for Dorset’s environment in 2020

Dr Simon Cripps, Chair Dorset LNP They say it is only a brave or foolish person who predicts what is going to happen this year in these turbulent times.  So let’s call me brave and guess what may be happening to Dorset’s environment this year and in the immediate future.  This is purely a personal …

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