Voices for Dorset

Voices for Dorset seeks to endorse and support Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan adding a practical, implementation angle based on local knowledge. It is designed to be an illustrative narrative that explains the value of the natural environment and how in practice it works for people, business and nature. It is part vision and part manifesto for Dorset for the next 25 years.

The authors of each section, corresponding to the sections in the 25 Year Plan, have been chosen as experts in the relevant field as well as having a deep knowledge of Dorset as it relates to their subject.

Download Voices for Dorset here.

Voices for Dorset makes the following recommendations:

  • A joined up approach between different government departments especially DEFRA, BEIS, Treasury and Transport.
  • Investment in soils and habitats especially woodlands, rivers and wetlands to support climate change mitigation, health and economic development.
  • An effective Nature Recovery Network for Dorset to ensure our special species have the opportunities to recover and survive in the face of future change.
  • Support for farmers and landowners to provide public benefits in the form of ecosystem services from their land so that they can work with nature as so many wish to do.
  • Application in all cases of the principle of environmental net gain to increase natural capital.
  • Careful planning to ensure development does not harm sensitive and especially irreplaceable habitats.
  • Support for renewable energy, sustainable businesses, a circular economy and thus a reduction in pollutants including plastics.
  • A continuation in the move, through legislation and financial incentives, to more sustainable fishing and aquaculture which allows the restoration of the marine environment and increased productivity.
  • Investment through the Dorset Local Industrial Strategy for environment which underpins all businesses and an understanding that Dorset’s competitive niche is its natural environment.
  • Investing in environment, landscapes and healthcare to improve the health and wellbeing of Dorset’s communities and reduce social and health care costs.

If you have any queries please contact info@dorsetlnp.org.uk